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ValerieAsk Valerie is about giving business owners timely, accurate financial information. Getting the details right for tax compliance and giving control of their ledger back to business owners, so that they know more about their business.

Financial reports can herald growth, profits and success – and flag contraction, cash flow problems and potential losses. They help decision making, for example, increasing/decreasing employment, investing in equipment, what-if analysis with prices and quantities. Analysis of break-even point is essential for all businesses to know their cost structures. It helps to have those numbers right!

We’re also about making sure that the business information is collected, recorded and stored in an appropriate accessible manner and place. Making sure the “paperwork” is handled well allows us to remove it from the field of stress.

A Registered BAS agent, Director Valerie O’Neill holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Management, as well as the BAS Agent skillsets required by the Taxation Practitioners Board. She is also a Member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. That means businesses can have an assurance that they’re getting qualified, experienced attention from a professional who understands the business processes that are involved in keeping a business running. Valerie also holds a TAA Cert 4 so is qualified to teach adults about financial administration.

Regardless of whether you engage with Ask Valerie for the total bookkeeping package all the way through to the Ask Valerie subscription service, you can be assured that you will receive careful attention and considered advice.

We work with your software package, whether it’s QBO, Xero or MYOB or Waveapps, not the other way around! We encourage the use of apps that cut down the time it takes to capture data.

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